Whoopi Goldberg Just Made Her Final Mistake, SLAMS Trump For Firing James Comey – SHE IS DONE

Donald Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey and this was confirmed by the White House. The reason for his firing is his unprofessional handling of Clinton’s email investigation. Of course, Whoopi Goldberg and the co-host of “The View” have some thoughts about Comey’s firing. According to them, the real reason for his firing is because he started investigating Trump’s connections to Russia.

Via Truth Monitor

Whoopi Goldberg and her friends on The View enjoy bashing Donald Trump on their show every day, so it should come as no surprise that they spent most of their show on Wednesday attacking him for firing FBI Director James Comey.

Whoopi conveniently forgot the fact that she has been calling for Comey to be fired for months due to the way he treated the investigation into Hillary Clinton, showing that she will literally side with anyone against Trump.

Gossip Cop reported that Whoopi called the move a “sharp turn” as she played a clip of Trump repeatedly praising Comey’s action. The last clip showed Trump saying that is more famous than him, prompting Whoopi to ask, “Is that what broke up the whole situation?”

“I think what broke it up is a criminal investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia,” host Sunny Hostin said.

“Hell hath no fury like an orange demagogue scorned,” Joy Behar interjected.

Whoopi then claimed that Rudy Giuliani is in consideration to replace Comey.

“Call me crazy, but I thought he was also under investigation… So I wonder if you-know-who forgot,” Whoopi said.

Twitter users immediately let her know that they are sick of seeing her bash Trump.

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It looks like that Whoopi Goldberg and the other co-hosts of “The View” are waiting for Trump to make or say something so they can attack him. This show should be canceled. Do you agree?

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