Rudy Giuliani Comes Forward With Huge Announcement About Trump and Comey

Since the White House announced that President Donald Trump fired the FBI Director James Comey, it’s all people are talking about. The reason for his firing was his unprofessional handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. However, many Democrats believe Comey was fired because he was investigating Trump and his connections to Russia. Also, after he was fired he announced he has a memo which proves Trump’s collusion to Russia. However, there’s no sign of the memo and maybe it doesn’t exist.

Although Democrats are saying Comey is innocent, not everyone shares the same opinion. Rudy Guiliani, who worked with Comey, doesn’t believe that Comey is innocent and he supports President Donald Trump.

Via USA Political Review

In days behind us, we were listening to stories from Democrats, saying about Comey innocence, but what about those who had worked with him. Did they share the same opinion?!

Rudy Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York City and the administrator responsible for the city’s great turnaround in terms of crime and living conditions, told to journalists “that he trusts President Donald Trump more than James Comey.” One more important fact, Comey worked with Giuliani as an associate attorney, via Dennis Michael Lynch.

TMZ reporter tried to confuse Giuliani by asking him if he still supported Trump or would clamor for impeachment if the alleged “Comey memo” proved to be true. Giuliani calmly told his opinion.

“I support the president, he’s one of my closest friends, I’ve known him for 28 years and he’s an extraordinarily gifted, an extremely honest man and I have complete confidence in him,” said Giuliani.

The reporter pushed about the unproven allegations of interference in the unseen Comey memo, but Rudy just shrugged and stated that he had learned to not answer hypothetical questions.

Giuliani was then asked who he trusted more, Trump or Comey, to which he said again, “I have complete confidence in the president of the United States.”

You can watch the full video here.

Even, Stephen Colbert remained speechless on a reaction of his public saluting Comey’s firing, via YouTube.

Democrats believe that reason for Comey’s release was his evidence about Trump connections with Russia. And a huge number of people who thinks this is truth also thinks, that Russian spies hacked elections and also that Trump was blackmailed by them. So, this event for them represents a big reason for impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Holding just for facts, there are no real proofs of Russian hacking or Trump ties with Russians.

Every news about Trump bonds with Russia has been composed by the hostile media with assistance from inside leakers. But all those news proved to be wrong. Such as recent from Comey memo, accusing Trump of delivering to Russians secret information.

Still, a lot of Democrats have 2 conflicting thoughts. First, about Comey’s investigation of Hillary emails on the private server, influencing on Trump’s victory on elections. Second, thought that Comey was an independent seeker in finding facts, according to Breitbart.

But neither of this things was Comey’s merit. Comey was dedicated Democrat, trying to push his story related to Russia, and it didn’t finish well. Neither of these accusations has a proof. Even Chairman Giuliani saw that for himself. And, he is commendable for telling the real truth.

If Comey had a memo which can prove Trump’s connections to Russia, he should have released it by now. If the memo really exists, Comey can prove his innocence. But, we are starting to think that’s not the case and the memo doesn’t exist at all.


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