NYC Mayor De Blasio Wants Taxpayers To Pay His Legal Fees of $2 Million

The Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio stated that he would never ask the public for money he owes. However, his opinion has changed now that he is under investigation for his fundraising efforts. Now, he wants to charge taxpayers for $2 million for his legal bills. He announced this in a blog post on Medium a couple of days ago.

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New York City’s Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio is under investigation for questions about his fundraising. As if that wasn’t bad enough, taxpayers will now have to pick up a two million dollar tab for his legal fees.

Politico reported:

De Blasio now says City will cover $2 million of his legal bills

In a reversal, Mayor Bill de Blasio is now planning to allow the city to pay roughly $2 million to cover most of his outstanding legal bills related to multiple investigations of his fundraising efforts.

De Blasio made the announcement in a blog post on Medium on Friday morning, just before the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

“A large portion of the bills — around $2 million — relate directly to my public service and decision-making in government,” de Blasio writes in the blog post.

“I have been reluctant to ask taxpayers to shoulder the burden of my compliance with these reviews. But after giving this a great deal of thought, it has become increasingly clear that the most appropriate course of action is to let the City cover the costs for legal work tied to my government service, as it would for any of its employees in a similar situation,” de Blasio said.

The decision marks a significant change of heart for the mayor, who was always allowed to use city funds to pay any legal bills for his defense related to his government work, but who originally waved off that idea.

This is totally unfair to the people of New York.

The mayor announced that he wants to set up a legal defense fund in order to pay for his legal defense. After announcing this, he was immediately criticized by the public. Why does he have to take taxpayers money? Why can’t he pay his own legal bills?


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