Kanye West Gets Heckled At Concert For Saying Something Nice About Trump

Kanye West has said and done a lot of stupid things over the years. President Obama actually called him a jackass after he interupted Taylor Swift’s grammy win with an onstage tantrum.

So it was no surprise that he did something controversial at his recent San Jose, Ca concert. What is shocking is what he said about the President Elect.


Kanye West Would Have Voted For Trump

Half way through his concert Kanye got all serious with his fans saying,

“I told y’all I didn’t vote, right?

“But if I would have voted, I would have voted Trump,”

The audience erupted in loud booing with this startling admission by the rapper.  He then blamed the audience for Hillary’s loss,

“Echoing is what made people think Hillary was going to win. You thought, because what the internet was telling you, that she was going to win.”

Watch the video here


Kanye plans to run for president in 2020, do you think Trump should be worried?

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