What John Brennan Just Confessed About Election Will Save Trump

Since President Donald Trump won the elections, he is constantly under attack for having connections with Russia. Although there is an ongoing investigation about this case, there is no evidence found that indicates Trump’s collusion with Russia. Today, the former CIA Director, who served under Obama’s presidency, said that he never saw a prove about this alleged collusion. This changes a lot of things.

Via The Political Tribune

Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan’s hearing on the Russian election interference was today. Withing MINUTES of starting, Trey Gowdy and his crew were down Brennan’s throat.

The Republicans started hounding him. Asking him straight up if he saw ANY evidence of Trump working with Russia during the election.

 Brennan admitted that he saw ZERO evidence of collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

Wow. There is not really any wiggle room there.

Not only that, but John Brennan also said he has not seen any evidence to back up the WaPo’s unfounded claims that Trump has been asking MULTIPLE intelligence directors and members to deny Russia for him. OUCH!

Look, I am not saying that I trust what Brennan said. This man has done NOTHING to prove that he is trustworthy. However, it’s hard to deny that him saying there is no proof about Trump, who he very much dislikes, is anything BUT the truth.

He also said one more very interesting thing. John Brennan suggested that Russia’s main strategy is to cut the US off from their ties around the world and divide the nation.

So I will leave you with a final thought: Is it Russia fake-leaking to the Liberal media because they know the MSM will go after ANY story about Trump they can?

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It’s time to put an end to the talk about Trump’s connections to Russia. Also, there’s no evidence that indicates he has connections, so why are people still talking about this case? John Brennan’s confession on the hearing will drop the accusations against Trump.


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