John Brennan Just Admitted Something That Completely Saves Trump

Today we made history. Today was the hearing on the Russian election interference. The hearing of CIA Director John Brennan to be precise.

Trey Gowdy and his people within a minute smacked down Brenan. They started haunting him and asked him straight about any evidence that President Trump ever worked or had connections with Russia during the election. His answer was priceless.

via Liberty Writers

Brennan admitted that he saw ZERO evidence of collusion with the Donald Trump campaign.

Wow. There is not really any wiggle room there.

Not only that, but John Brennan also said he has not seen any evidence to back up the WaPo’s unfounded claims that Trump has been asking MULTIPLE intelligence directors and members to deny Russia for him.

Look, I am not saying that I trust what Brennan said. This man has done NOTHING to prove that he is trustworthy. However, it’s hard to deny that him saying there is no proof about Trump, who he very much dislikes, is anything BUT the truth.

Maybe we need to see the bigger picture here. What if Russia is fake- leaking to the liberal media because they know that the media will blow every story against him out of proportion. In the end of the day, Brennan also suggested that Russia’s plan is to take down the USA and cut its ties around the globe.