Japan Joins USA in the Fight Against North Korea

As North Korea is testing nuclear weapons, many countries are afraid. The USA should also be very afraid because Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator, is planning an attack against them. There is a possibility that Kim will detonate a nuclear bomb placed in a tunnel. As a result, Japan wants to join the USA as the tensions rise. They are preparing to send warships as a force to stop Kim Jong-un from conducting more nuclear weapons tests.

Via Truth Monitor

Tensions are on the rise around the world, as every major nation is preparing for potential conflict. It’s time to find out who America’s REAL allies are. And Japan just made it clear that they are one of them.

Japan is officially sending destroyers to join with the USS Carl Vinson and other American naval ships on their way to the Korean Peninsula. This is a massive sign that Japan is on board to remove North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un from power.

As of right now, the US doesn’t have set plans to attack North Korea. But we have a presence of warships in their waters to destroy them from testing missiles. President Trump is planning for China to take the lead in eliminating the North Korea problem.

Last week Trump tweeted twice to remind the Chinese president of their meeting last week. He also told the people that all trade deals between the US and China would be more lucrative for both sides if North Korea were finally taken care of.

China has asked businesses to leave North Korea and recently positioned 150,000 soldiers along the North Korea border.

But if the massive nation refuses to take real actions, the United States — along with Japan and South Korea — are prepared to eliminate the threat in North Korea. The nation has been in a constant coverage state since they started testing nuclear weapons back in 2006. They have even been threatening Japan and South Korea.

President Trump is not taking the threats lightly and has made it clear that we will destroy Kim Jong Un’s regime if we have to.

North Korea is looking for trouble. More countries should join the USA to stop Kim Jong-un of doing nuclear attacks. It looks like that World War 3 is around the corner.