If James Chaffetz is Right, Obama Will Be Behind Bars By Tomorrow

Jason Chaffetz made an enormous decision that made us really proud. The Utah Congressman has subpoenaed two agents from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau in order to appear in front of his committee.  This is happening due to a possible connection between them and Obama’s infamous gun- running program. Apparently, these firearms were given to cartels under former President’s watch. What’s even worse is that these firearms were probably involved in the murder of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico.

via Liberty Writers

Chaffetz issued the subpoena after the two ATF agents refused to show up before the committee voluntarily. This is what we need to do. We need to force these people to be responsible for what they have done.

Get him, Chaffetz! Why did Obama never get in trouble for Fast and Furious gun trafficking when he left office. This lead to Agent Zapata being killed by one of the guns involved in the gun trafficking scheme that went on under Obama’s watch.

It is about time for Obama to start paying for his activities while he was in office. He betrayed our country on so many different levels. Our representatives should never quit doing these kinds of stuff. Obama deserves to fall, his crimes are unforgivable.