ISIS Killed 22 In Manchester, Trump Emerges With Big Announcement That They’ll Never Forget

American singer Ariana Grande was performing on the stage of Manchester Arena in Manchester on May 22. One person decided to detonate an improvised explosive device in the arena. This led to the murder of 22 people and others were injured, including children. The police identified the attacker as Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old Briton of Lybian parents. ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for this attack. The same day this attack happened, U.S. fighter jets hit ISIS with 27 air strikes in order to destroy it.

Via Conservative Tribune

On the same day a suicide bomber committed a horrific attack in Manchester, England, American-led military fighters conducted 27 air strikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, the U.K. Daily Express reported.

The suicide bombing in the U.K. killed 22 and injured dozens of others, including young children. Unfortunately, those lives can never be brought back but our military made sure that Islamic State group fighters are paying dearly.

“Coalition military fighters hammered 37 ISIS targets with 18 strikes in Syria — obliterating oil supplies, vehicles and weapons caches,” the U.K. Daily Star reported.

Another nine strikes in Iraq hit even more targets.

“Nine strikes hit 62 ISIS targets in Iraq,” the Daily Star reported, “destroying an array of deadly weapons including rocket systems, vehicle bombs, machine guns and grenade launches.”

Hopefully, these strikes will severely limit the capability of the Islamic state group fighting machine for some time.

Were these strikes ordered directly because of the attacks in Manchester? Unlikely. These were clearly well-planned, well-coordinated attacks. However, it’s a reminder that the fight against Islamic extremism and terror is being waged with a vengeance — finally.

President Donald Trump delivered a message from Bethlehem during his first international trip, calling the Manchester perpetrators “evil losers.”

“I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name,” the president said. “I will call them from now on losers because that is what they are, they are losers.”

Trump seems to acknowledge this is a psychological battle as well as one against flesh and blood. Let’s hope the next four years of Trump’s presidency prove victorious on both fronts against these terrorist savages.

The number of terrorist attacks has risen in the last couple of years. It became a serious issue and it must be solved soon. Innocent people lost their lives in these terrorist attacks. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims.


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