Hillary Gets The Worst News In Her Life, This FBI Agent Made SHOCKING Announcement About…

Hillary Clinton is over more than you already think. Her career is taking total collapse as time passes by.

The scandal that happened with her emails is really connected with the firing of James Comey, according to the former agent, Brian Widner.

He thinks and believes that the firing occured due to a recent review of her email case and the immunity deals that happened to some of her aides who were deeply involved with her.

According to him, a huge prosecution will happen if the case is reviewed.

via The Political Insider 

Brian Weidner, a veteran former FBI agent, suggested both the case and the immunity deals struck during that investigation could be revisited.

“I would be surprised if they did not review all the investigations regarding HRC and come up with [a] conclusion regarding prosecution. The statute of limitations hasn’t come into play yet,” he said in an email to Fox News.

As for the immunity deals struck with key players in the Clinton orbit, he noted those deals are “with the government, so in theory it wouldn’t change.”

Weidner suggested that aides receiving immunity, such as long time Hillary confidante Huma Abedin, may be in some hot water as well.


“A new AG and new director may take a good look at the entire case,” he explained. “If anyone who received immunity did not live up to their agreement, like Huma [Abedin] with the classified documents on her computer, the deal is off and they are potential targets again.”

Another individual receiving immunity was Paul Combetta, one of Clinton’s tech guys who helped her wipe the server clean of evidence requested from federal authorities. He even took to Reddit to seek advice on how to commit the crime.

Judical Watch President, Tom Fitton, agrees with Weidner, saying Hillary Clinton could still be in legal jeopardy.

Fitton was asked by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, “Would you be worried tonight if you were Secretary Clinton?”


“I still think she faces legal jeopardy – I mean, if the system’s working, she still faces legal jeopardy,” Fitton explained. “The Justice Department under President Obama protected her. The FBI Director repeatedly misstated the law in suggesting they needed intent, they had plenty of intent.”

She and all her allies deserve jail. She’s gotten away with so many illegal acts, this needs to stop right now! When the new director will be pointed out, she will be convicted for every single mistake!