“HEARTBREAKING:” Deported Illegals met with food, social services, and ID Cards

We found some interesting tidbits in a WaPo story entitled “After decades in America, the newly deported return to a Mexico they barely recognize.” There are many contradictory points, highlights on the benefits of deportation, and some circumstances that are sad – but we wouldn’t ask any American to take on the burdens of a foreigner just to make us feel like good humanitarians.

First off, all the deportees were men, they were flown (for free?) to Mexico City airport, which has personally cost me and my family hundreds of dollars per trip. The deportees were given ham and cheese sandwiches, directions and information on social services, and ID cards. It’s as if the Mexican government is just as “racist” as ours when it makes it visitors carry identification.

They were then surprised that there were fewer job opportunities and higher inflation in Mexico as opposed to the U.S. The WaPo does not mention that Mexico has a much more liberal and involved government that could possibly be responsible for this. Other interesting claims:

  • ”More returnees (to Mexico) means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing.” We have been told by liberal news sources that these types of hard workers are good for the economy.
  • ”The loss of remittances from the United States — Mexico’s second-largest source of revenue at roughly $25 billion last year — could have devastating effects.” We have been told that illegals are good for the U.S. economy because they spend all of their money here.
  • “A lot of these people ran businesses in the U.S. and did well.” We wonder why these successful business men didn’t spend the “decades” spent here using at least some of their money to hire an immigration lawyer.

The paper goes on to say that the deportees included “convicted felons but also many without criminal records.” It didn’t bother to tell us the ratio, which makes us wonder on its favorability.

You may read for yourself here.

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