First His Head, Now Trump “Stabbed” To Death, This Went Too Far

The liberals still can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is the President, although the presidential elections were held 6 months ago. They are attacking him with every chance they can get. Their latest attack on Trump can be easily perceived as a death threat similar to Kathy Griffin’s video where she was holding his bloody head. There is a production of the William Shakespeare’s play called “Julius Caesar” in which Caesar gets killed. This version of the play is modern and Caesar’s clothing resembles Trump. In the play, Caesar is described as a historical tyrant and killing him is the only way to deal with him.

Via Conservative Tribune

It may not be a beheading like Kathy Griffin pulled off, but a new production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” has the titular character who dresses and acts in a manner akin to President Donald Trump.

According to Mediaite, the production is part of the annual Shakespeare in the Park festival, held annually in New York City’s Central Park.

Now, spoiler alert for those of you who either haven’t managed to catch the play in the 418 years since it first opened at the Globe Theater in London or turned on the news in the 2,061 years since Caesar’s death: in the play (and real life), ol’ JC ends up kicking it after he gets stabbed in the back, very literally, by some opportunistic office-seekers.

The version being put on this summer in NYC features the characters dressed up in modern garb, including a Caesar coiffed and attired much like our president. On the website of the Public Theater — which puts on the play — it’s made implicitly clear that this isn’t an accident.

Caesar himself is described as “magnetic, populist, irreverent,” and “bent on absolute power.” Oskar Eustis, head of the Public Theater, is quoted as saying, “Julius Caesar is about how fragile democracy is. The institutions that we have grown up with, that we have inherited from the struggle of many generations of our ancestors, can be swept away in no time at all.”

In an interview with Backstage in May, Gregg Henry — who plays Caesar — acknowledged that “I have great costumes and wigs that show you that this could be Trump.”

“But I’m also trying to bring in the larger knowledge of tyrants,” he added. “It’s sort of a ‘tyrant’s’ greatest hits’ in (the way I play) the speeches and in the nature of the ego and belief that one man is more important, is above the law, is the law. Those tyrannical beliefs in terms of how to deal with power. Hopefully, I’m able to sort of show what’s happening with this president, tweak this president for kind of what he is in a lot of ways and also show the dangers of dealing with a tyrant or possible tyrant in our country.”

One person who saw the play who was quoted by Mediaite also noted that Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had “a Slavic accent,” much like Melania.

Now, leaving alone the oft-repeated misconception that the election of Trump by the rules of American democracy was somehow undemocratic, there’s also the slight problem of the fact that Julius Caesar gets assassinated in the play. While Shakespeare takes a rather dim view of Brutus and Cassius (the two main conspirators, for those of you with a Common Core education), that still means we’re watching the current president of the United States undergo an effigial assassination on stage.

While not exactly up there with Griffin’s stunt, it’s clearly inappropriate, particularly given the bilious atmosphere of the left at present. Casting Trump as a historical tyrant in a play that suggests that assassination is one way to deal with tyrants isn’t exactly helping or providing any sort of societal or political insight, the vague objectives stated by Messrs. Eustis and Henry notwithstanding.

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt, and it’s a publicity stunt with dangerous undertones. On the plus side, though, I can think of one recently out-of-work redheaded comedienne who could try out for the Brutus role. Et tu, Kathy?

First, it was Kathy Griffin’s disgusting video, then this play in which Trump gets killed. Why the liberals can’t accept the fact that he’s our President now and they can’t do anything for that? Instead, they are making this ridiculous videos, images, and plays which can be perceived as death threats against Trump. This must stop!


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