Before he ran for president, Donald Trump was an outspoken critic of Obama’s environmental regulations on Twitter.

So it isn’t surprising that as president, Trump has already taken action to reverse Obama’s course.

As the the Daily Caller points out, this has been a crushing few days for the Obama legacy – especially as it relates to Obama’s efforts to “save the one planet we’ve got.” President Trump has already signed orders — just this week — to repeal the heart of Obama’s environmental legacy.

Via the Daily Caller:

Rolling back these rules and regulations should get the U.S. closer to energy independence and spur job growth.

If implemented, CPP would have cost a staggering $41 billion annually, which equates to about $10.74 a month for each American. Less than 39 percent of Americans would be willing to spend that level of extra cash to fight global warming, according to a poll. The Clean Power Plan would have only averted 0.019° Celsius of warming by the year 2100, an amount so small it can’t be detected, according to analysis by the libertarian Cato Institute using models created by the Environmental Protection Agency.


Trump has already rolled back the Department of Interior’s Stream Protection Rule which was rushed onto the books shortly before Obama left office. The rule makes it much harder to mine coal on federal lands.

U.S. coal production is already rising again and could bring jobs back with it, according to a Wednesday report from the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Not surprisingly, liberals are in panic mode over Trump’s recent environmental-related actions.

John Podesta, Hillary’s former campaign manager, said, “The Trump administration’s rampage against the environment presents an existential threat to the entire planet.”

Unfortunately for those on the left, the voters who elected Trump understand that Obama’s regulations are killing the job market, and they stand fully behind our president!