ABC Reporter Calls Huckabee’s Daughter A Liar And Gets Destroyed Right After

On Thursday there was a press briefing into the White House and things got really out of hand during.

Jonathan Karl, a reporter from ABC started making comments about President Donald Trump and his decision for firing FBI Director James Comey while Sarah Sanders (known as Mike Huckabee daughter) had enough of it.

She proudly took President Trump’s side and stated that there was nothing shady and inappropriate around that decision.


via Truth Monitor 

“First of all, isn’t it inappropriate for the president of the United States to ask the FBI director directly if he is under investigation?” Karl asked.

“No, I don’t believe it is,” she responded.

“One of these conversations the president said happened at a dinner where the FBI director, according to the president, was asking to stay on as FBI director,” Karl continued. “Don’t you see how that’s a conflict of interest? The FBI director is saying he wants to keep his job, and the president is — is asking whether or not he is under investigation?”

“I don’t see that as a conflict of interest and neither to the many legal scholars and others that have been commenting on it for the last hour,” Sanders fired back. “So no, I don’t see that as an issue.”

Here’s the rest of their exchange:

KARL: But, Sarah, the other thing I want to ask you about is I asked you directly yesterday…

SANDERS: We’re bumping up to three, I think now.

KARL: This is a different subject, related to Comey. I asked you directly yesterday if the president had already decided to fire James Comey when he met with the deputy attorney general and attorney general. And you said no.

Also, the vice president of the United States said directly that the president acted to take the recommendation of the deputy attorney general to remove the FBI director. Sean Spicer said directly it was all him, meaning the deputy attorney general. Now we learn from the president directly that he had already decided to fire James Comey.

So why were so many people giving answers that just weren’t correct? Were you guys in the dark? Was the vice president misled again, as happened…

SANDERS: I know you’d love to report that we were misled and we want to create — hold on, Jonathan… You guys — I let you finish and read off every single one of those statements. So unless you want to trade places, I think it’s my turn now.

I think it’s pretty simple. I hadn’t had a chance to have the conversation directly with the president to say. I’d had several conversations with him, but I didn’t ask that question directly — “had you already made that decision.” I went off of the information that I had when I answered your question. I’ve since had the conversation with him, right before I walked on today… He’d been thinking about it for months, which I did say yesterday…

Nobody was ‘In the dark’ Jonathan. You want to create this false narrative, if we want to talk about contradicting statements and people who were in the dark? How about Democrats?

She basically nailed him. People really need to start paying attention what are lies and what is the real truth.